Support South Star by becoming a member


Individual Membership: $20

Family Membership: $25

If you are not a member/supporter a $2 donation per ski would be appreciated.  This can be put in the black locked box attached to the kiosk at the trailhead


To join by mail, please send the membership amount to:

B. Fossey
3500 53rd St. South,
Cranbrook, BC
V1C 7A3



We now have confirmed that e-transfers can be made through one's personal banking to South Star Recreation Society.

The e-transfer process is the following:

  1. Fill out the form below and click “Submit”

  2. Open your own banking site

  3. click on e-transfer

  4. choose as the recipient,

  5. and answer the question "what are you paying for" with the answer "membership"

Name *
Membership Type


south star membership box.JPG

Use the membership/donation box at the parking lot trail map.